The business of networking is growing nowadays. Most businesses cater to networking because it allows them to earn while not totally working. It is also an inexpensive activity which does not involve so much money from the company but only personal commitment. In generating new business, it is more effective than advertising or public relations. Networking is also becoming an avenue of some individuals who want to earn extra income for their families or for their studies.

Bob Edwards entered the world of network marketing industry back in the early 1980’s. He worked for a consumer products company that deals with weight loss products and dietary supplements. After almost a decade since entering the world of business networking, Edwards and his wife Lynda Perry built their own company Networking Alliance for Today’s Opportunities or NATO in 1994. Their company catered on different penetrating lubricants for automobile engines. The oil and fuel additives that were sold by NATO were under the brand name BITRON. These products of Bob Edwards enabled their customers to have more fuel efficiency, reduced engine operating temperatures, and reduced carbon emissions.

After selling NATO in 2001, it took three years before Bob Edwards and his wife to come up with another networking company. They co-founded Our World Network or OWN in 2004 which was completely different from the previous one. OWN focused more in the promotion of good health to every individual through selling of different health and wellness products. Under OWN, Edwards established Youth Juice Sciences Inc., known today as the maker of the popular and effective functional food products’ Youth Juice Restor and Youth Juice Reshape.

Instead of the usual retail selling, the products are sold through relationship marketing or in other words networking. This is the most effective way of selling these products mainly because those are information-rich items. It also allows individuals to be healthy as well as wealthy in the process.

Edwards’ involvement with networking or person-to-person sales actually started when he was in Australia in late 1960s. He worked under the construction and home improvement sales industry which made him realize that his career had to do with business networking. From that point on, his involvement in the world of relationship marketing never faded. His career as an entrepreneur has now spanned for more than 40 years working several industries. It includes construction and home improvement industry, commercial and residential real estate development, financial services, network and direct marketing, ecological mitigation and automobile efficiency improvements, and health and wellness products.




Beds and futons have developed tremendously over the centuries, from mats directly on the floor to provide a sleeping space, to the production of sprung mattresses and now recollection foam goods. Even today the inquiry of why we use a bed border or a futon border still plantings up.

There are some causes why having a mattress on the floor may be poorer for your health, here’s the peak 5 reasons why is it suggested to lift a mattress off the exterior of the floor.

1) dirt – widespread dirt gathers on the floor and it tends to get conveyed around by draughts. The consequence is that you are more than likely respire in more dust by sleeping on or very close to the floor.

2) Bed bugs – Another topic is the bed bug parasite which live in our dozing arena, including wrappings and the mattress itself. Bed bugs favour to feed on human blood as you doze at evening and are becoming progressively widespread. It is simpler for bed bugs to get in your mattress if your mattress is on the floor.

3) Mould and mildew – There is a cause for anxiety that mould and mildew could become an topic when the mattress is exactly on the floor as the mattress is not ventilated adequately. This kind of development has been connected to wheezy, chesty coughs and the spread of infection from the lungs, barrel infections have been strongly connected to dozing in mouldy areas. really dozing on a mouldy mattress is very awful and detrimental to your body’s good wellbeing.

4) Temperature – If you reside in a cold natural natural environment, it will be colder closer, to the floor, so that may be a anxiety. There is furthermore some anxiety that there are more drafts beside the floor. warm air rises, therefore cold air falls and it will pattern a draught close to the floor. apparently, the turn around could be a concern if you reside in a hot natural environment where respiring issues may damage sufferers of asthma, for demonstration.




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